If you are FOR the funding of
better Education,  better Healthcare and
Public Safety in Oregon
Vote Yes on Measure 91
in November 2014

If you are AGAINST  the  funding of better Education, better Healthcare and Public Safety
Go ahead and Vote No

We will then know that you are
not a true Oregonian,
and we will ask you to leave the
State of Oregon immediately.

the lies  from the no side are already coming in.

Wake up people

It is big business that does not want it legal, we can make to many things from this plant.

Clothing, Medicine, Fuel, Healthy Food and oil products from the seeds.So many things it will make your head swim and not from getting high.

Measure 92
GMO Labeling
the creator of GM Products
has sent multiple millions to fight
GMO Labeling in Oregon
Here is a video on GMO labeling
by the League of Women's Voters
in Albany Oregon
Click here to view the Video
44 minutes Long
If you cannot view the Video,
then might
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if you wish to download the file and then view it at a later time click here
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Follow the money
What you will see, is not even close as far as Monsanto's contribution/
Remember  way back when
Pepsi fought the Bottle Bill.
I still do not drink Pepsi or Coke
and a few others.
Next Here is the download link
Click Here
It is a zipped or compressed file it will ask you even you want to save it
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Special Thanks
to Stephen Brenner
"Visions on America"

Welcome to Video Oregon
Where we will be bringing you
Growing Cannabis/Hemp Issues
in Oregon

This is the 2014.html page

We are now allowed to grow Marijuana in the State of Oregon
Beginning  July 1, 2015

I am moving all of the previous documents
on ths index page to this page

It is called  2014.html

There is a lot of Quality information but,
So Much as happened This past year and I need
to do a clean up and start the next year

First we have a New group for Advocating
Marijuana and Medical Marijuana Rules

It is called the
Emerald Trade Alliance

Our first get to know each other meeting was Feb. 5th 2015

The video is now uploading 3.27 gigs so it will take a while

Until then choose wht you want
We are almost there

Click on  this link

coming Soon


or maybe

Feb 3rd OLCC Touring ORegon
Eugene, Oregon
Hopefully this will be up by this afternoon.
rendering times of a 30 gig file on the computer 
and uploading a 2 plus gig  file takes a bunch of time.

I may decide to break into three parts Please bear with me

Click on the following link for the
Oregon Dept of Agriculture January 6, 2015

Industrial Hemp Rules - Public Hearing
Just another lip service conflict of Interest group in charge of the Rules
on Industrial Hemp Iam sure they have their minds all made up

Heck it only took them five years to get this far

It was Legalized in August of 2009 and signed by the Governor.

We need to get rid of Conflict of Interest I am sure that illegal in Oregon
Somewhere in the annals of Legislation

The complete unedited   2 hour version of the Public Hearing meeting
will be available by
Thursday January 8th 2015  in the evening

They both work best with Apples Safari browser

I have to redo this one the quality sucks

Here it he long version 1 hour and 42 min

This is the Best version but a huge file that works best with Safari

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I am still working on the a smaller file size that can
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Here is one for one and all

The Us patent on Marijuana # 6,630,507

Why,  Heck They have to been lying to us all along.

( the information on this site is mostly unedited video and current information
on Industrial Hemp and Marijuana Issues
 it also reflects my personal attitude and Constutional right s to say what I Want)
towards our wonderful government and it's  lame ass bureaucracies.

Simple Bastards They did this in 1999 or 2001


Involving Oregon Senate Bill 676
And other problems involving the

Already Legalized In Oregon
Nobody seems to know that,
Growing of Industrial Hemp in the State of Oregon.

It Has been Legal to Grow Industrial Hemp in Oregon
for almost 5 tears now.

Senate Bill 676 was passed by the Oregon Legislature
Yes the Oregon Senate and the Oregon House of Representatives
and signed by  then Governor Ted Kulongoski
in August of 2009.

Oh yeah and

The Oregon Dept of Agriculture,
needs oversight they are not capable of
handling this issue on their own.

They are having a meeting in MID September

That is one week away I do not yet have the dates
as I think they are keeping it secret

anyone knowing of the Date.

Please contact me,
so I can put it up on this site



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Huh?  yep even some of the
current Representatives do not know this.
I just found this out Yesterday
that one of the Representatives for
Eugene, Oregon  Did not know this.


This is funny and real sad and
we need to correct this.
Bring yourself up to date with some
old information

Watch the
Billion dollar Crop
watch the part about Harry J Anslinger
the biggest liar on the planet,
and some of us still believe him.
Sad sad sad!

I have asked this question in front of several groups recently.

And only about 10 percent (less than 10 percent) of the people admit
that they knew about Hemp being Legal to grow in Oregon.

This number is insane, 
Special Thanks to the inactive Local Media
Y'all need to grow up.
PSU Convenes: Oregon's Great Cannabis Debate - Measure 91

Eugene's Voting down the
City Tax implementation
The above video will be the Lane County Commissioners Failure to understand the value of a public hearing at 9 am in the Center of Downtown Eugene
What a bunch of losers with the exception of
Peter Sorenson the only one who voted against grandfathering in an additional  TAX.
Remember the city and county to not tax Cigarettes or Liquor or Aspirins or Antibiotics
will this become an opening for a Sales tax on other items at a later Date?
Do not let the Cities and Counties implement a
Product Sales Tax on anything not just Marijuana


Featured Articles

The Growing of Industrial Hemp has been
Legalized by the
State of Oregon.
Governor Ted Kulongoski signed the

Industrial Hemp Bill "  on August,  2009

 Click on the above picture and
you will see the pdf file page.

Coming one day soon
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Just In " 2 months ago "

"Stirring the Pot"

July 22, 2014
Cozmic Pizza in Eugene Oregon

Get the Lowdown on the Vote over
Adult Use

it is below the Initiative link

First here is the Initiative Text on

The Oregon Ballot Measure
Initiative Petition 53
which will be renamed on August 2nd 2014

The Name is Now

Measure 91

for the November Ballot


  Below  is a 1 hour and 25 minute discussion on
Oregon's Bill # I 53  Legalizing Marijuana
It will be renamed on my birthday
August 2nd 2014

For the November 2014 elections.

Here is the video link

Anyone may download or share this video anyway they see fit.
Thank You



This version Is a little shorter
It also loads faster


Next, this one is a couple of weeks old by now

Cannabis Summit in Colorado
a Must watch

I do not have permissions for the current video
  BUT.... you can go here to watch it

It is on found on C-span.org.
Click on the following link


Education and Healthcare
have for the most part
been left out of the tax funding scenario

Let's put some money towards it.
Let's put the money that comes from
Industrial Hemp Products

 Specifically, towards financing Education and Healthcare.

Not for PERS, Not for other Government waste and useless programs. not for bureaucratic waste or bungling
which we already have in excess.

Let's make sure that  HEMP Taxes and Fees
  Will only be designated for  Education and Healthcare programs.
Not Healthcare Insurance,
but  "Healthcare Assurance"


"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them"
                                 Albert Einstein

One More Thing for the Politicians

 We already have an "Empty Tax Bucket" for almost everything else,

  so let's make sure they keep their hands off of this one.

 If they ( the politicians ) vote NO,  then vote them out of office.

 Note: to all politicians concerning future Industrial Hemp Legislation

 Clear and simple a NO Vote for us

means a NO Vote for you.

Do not make us re-create the

Citizens Against

Bureaucrats Initiating Totally Clueless Habits
Stupid Lazy Assed Politicians

web site
otherwise known as www. bitch-slap.org

Test videos


I finally fixed this so I guess we can put a
new video HEMP video here

Someone send me one. Please!




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