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Industrial Hemp Videos

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Sams Balloons
Photos by Sam Blackwell
DVD created by David 
a special memorial tribute
to Sam Blackwell.

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How do you contact us?

by emailing Jack,

if you do not know "JACK" then I guess you are out of luck.

or contact us by Phone 541-767-8922

No information is collected or sold using this website.

I do not offer a click on email address
It just seems to give robo computers a way to create SPAM
I hate SPAM

if you call us
You can leave a voice message

and it will automatically
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Then I will call you back fairly soon  after I read or listen to my magic jack emails.

Andafter this is done I will contact you if it is a VALID request.

"Technology is wonderful it is almost like magic."




























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We have a few more things to work out for lower tables



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