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I am
reorganizing this page for the New Year 2016

Just in
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Marijuana and Cannabinoids:
A Neuroscience Research Summit


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"This Bill Will
Finally End Cannabis Prohibition"
This is a must Watch video.
On Thursday July30, 2015

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If you are
the funding of

Better Education, 
Better Healthcare and
Better Public Safety in Oregon
then we won.
However now the new battle begins
a few
attempting a takeover of all the the funding that we voted for.

This is the beginning of a
New Crime in Oregon.

We All need to be aware of a
and  fight against.

If you are not for
the  funding of what we all voted for.
The O.L.C.C. is the main culprit.
They want your money
 for their
Pay and Benefits packages
and nothing else.

We will then know that you are
not a true Oregonian,
and we will ask you to leave the
State of Oregon immediately.

the lies  from the no side are already coming in.

Wake up people

It is big business that does not want it legal, we can make to many things from this plant.

Clothing, Medicine, Fuel, Healthy Food and oil products from the seeds.So many things it will make your head swim and not from getting high.

Welcome to Video Oregon
Where we will be bringing you
Growing Cannabis/Hemp Issues
in Oregon

Recreational Marijuana Training video
Is now available

Here are a couple of the
Recreational training pdf files

I just checked and they are still uploading
as of Thursday 17th It will be done this afternoon

Well some of it uploaded and the big one did not

Sending one more test movie

Click on this link to view the  OLCC Training EVENT

Use the readme.html  file for viewing online
The files are available for downloading if you wish

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Caution they are huge due to the length of the video.

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Other videos below

Cozmic Pizza Videos from 7/28/2015
Currently, there aretwo videos available/
October will be up soon
There will not be a  November or December meeting

I have been busy this past month with other obligations,
so here are two of the cozmic pizza videos

Sept version will be available  on
Friday Oct 23rd in the evening sometime




From the
OG Analytical
meeting at Cozmic Pizza
on the Last Tuesday of every month.

Dr. Ken Welker
this  link above has files for iphones and android phones

The below link has files for placement on your web server.

Jeremy Plumb from Farma in Portland
The Entourage Effects

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hemprules-hearing has been moved temporarily it will be
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It is a huge file until then go here


All of the previous documents from last year and before
which were on this page have been moved to a page named

This is going to be a bunch of work and there
is  only ME and no funding.

We have a lot of Quality information and previous videos available.

Such as Oregon's Measure 91 and
Oregon Senate Bill 676.

So Much has happened This past year and I need
to do a clean up and start the next year.

Which actually began with the

Legal to Grow In Oregon
on July 1st, 2015

Here is something special for one and all

The US patent on Marijuana # 6,630,507

Why,  Heck They have to been lying to us all along.

The patent 6,630,507 was awarded to the
Department of Health Administration & Human Services
in 2003

They will be removed in a few days, and replaced with
the most current video from

Legalization 101
" The Endocannabinoid System "
Cozmic Pizza on
Tuesday July 28, 2015 6 - 9:00 P.M.

and replaced with the
The Endocannabinoid System
this movie is not currently available
until Thursday July 31, 2015

This is a must Watch video.

It will help change your life and
your understanding about the
Real Value of Medical Marijuana

"Not having to feel High to feel Better"

The following two videos are test videos.

They will be removed in a few days,

John slow is a test video
for html5 content and it works
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Featured Videos
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It is a great video to watch

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I have asked this question in
front of several groups recently.

And only about 10 percent (less than 10 percent) of the people admit
that they knew about Hemp being Legal to grow in Oregon.

This number 10% is insane.

Special Thanks to the inactive
Local Media
Y'all need to grow up.


Featured Articles

The Growing of Industrial Hemp has been
Legalized by the
State of Oregon.
Governor Ted Kulongoski signed the

Industrial Hemp Bill "  on August,  2009

 Click on the above picture and
you will see the pdf file page.

The email address is

If we start getting intentional, worthless
spam we will try to find you and ruin your day.

Copy my email address above and
paste it into your email. sorry to make you do this. It is designed to ward  off robo's and jerks.

We will try to find those people
and prosecute them  to the full extent of the law.









Stirring the Pot


"We cannot solve problems by using
the same kind of thinking

We used when We created them"
                                 Albert Einstein

One More Thing for the Politicians to figure out.

 We already have an "Empty Tax Bucket"
for almost everything else,

  Let's make sure they keep their
sticky hands off of this one.

 If they ( the politicians ) vote NO, 
then vote them out of office.

 Note: to all politicians concerning
future Industrial Hemp Legislation

 Clear and simple a NO Vote for us

means a NO Vote for you.

Please, Do not make us re-create the

Citizens Against

Bureaucrats Initiating Totally Clueless Habits
Stupid Lazy Assed Politicians


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