Welcome to the Featured Videos  Page.

on is site page you will find a variety of things that have made it to our
local Eugene TV stations.

As  recently as the
2015 Fourth of July and 2015 Butte to Butte races

We will try walk you through what you need to know.
You made be required to download Special Apps from the Apple app store
I personally consider this a crime that is being committed by Apple and Adobe software companies/

You will need to do research on what you need to 
be able to play them on your iPad or iPhone or Android device.
We are working the format to make them play on all devices. 
so, Please Beer with us.

Eugene Relay for Life 2015 Non Profit Promo
4th of July
2015 Butte to Butte

To become one of our Program sponsors

We are still working on this particular web page
so it will work with Apple devices
all of our movies are in the quicktime .mov movie format
so they should work
since Apple invented the format.
So come back and see what happens
We are still working on this web site

Almost Nothing
is sold on this site

However,  if you would like
a DVD of a video

Featured DVD's

Sams Balloons

Photos by Sam Blackwell
DVD created by David 
a special memorial tribute
to Sam Blackwell.

Note: If you cannot view any of the
DVD's or Video's on this site

You will need to have the correct apps
that are required to play
Video on a iPad or a iPhone

Due to misconceptions most people have with
Apple software and Adobe software

Their incessant need to always try to sell people Apps for their hardware
and their constant inability to cooperate with each other.

This may be a challenge for the inexperienced user

You may  need the following

1. Quicktime player installed on your computer. it is free from apple

It is available for free at

2. If you have a windwoes machine

You will need
Quicktime for Windows computers  

here is the link.

their are also several other apps that will  may play video
Chrome for IOS

Here is a link from apple explaining why it may not work.

You do the research
Go to Google and ask the questions

We can create a video for you.

But how and where you upload it, tends to  makes a big difference.
We have been doing video for 20 years and have never had a problem using a computer.

It is the iPads and iPhones that are the problem

We create our videos on both Macintosh and Windwoes computers.

Not with iPhones and iPads

Please contact us  if you are confused,
maybe we can help!


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